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Express Mortgage Solutions

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Express Mortgage Solutions is a boutique full-service mortgage financing  firm, with expertise in all aspects and types of mortgage financing.  We are a team of Mortgage Professionals that take great pride in the reputation earned amongst our repeat clients and colleagues for  providing efficient yet thorough mortgage financing solutions. With  access to a large pool of lenders, preferred rates, and long-established  relationships with mortgage underwriters, Express Mortgage Solutions offers custom tailored mortgage financing solutions with a long-term outlook.


Matergenics Engineering Ltd.


Matergenics is a knowledge-based inspection and engineering firm dedicated to providing risk assessment and engineering solutions to industrial clients in energy and materials fields. The spectrum of our services include: Inspection Services, Testing Services, and Engineering Services.

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Golden Crops Enterprises


From our humble beginning, Golden Crops Enterprises has become a global leader in the trading of grains, oils, and meals. Working in over a dozen countries, spanning 3 continents, Golden Crops is proud to be involved in the Canadian market.

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Fortress Technologies


Fortress Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: FORT) is a well-capitalized  company currently evaluating emerging opportunities in technology  sectors. Fortress is focused on developing projects where access to  growth capital is highly valued.

The Company's Board of Directors and Management has an accomplished  track record in business development and building shareholder value, and  thus the Company is well positioned to find an accretive path forward  for the business.

Fortress looks to develop projects that combine intellectual property  with the potential for widespread adoption of technological  innovation. 

The Company's Board exercises careful oversight, only considering  opportunities that can demonstrate long term viability, in order to earn  strong stakeholder support.

Additionally, Fortress benefits from a tightly held capital structure  with founders and directors owning over 30% of the Company. Currently  there are 66,177,983 shares outstanding out of a total of 71,177,984  shares issued.


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